WTF just happened?

WTF just happened?

What the fuck did I just experience?
I had no intentions of writing this but what I just experienced further proves what I already know to be true.

I've been sitting in a coffee shop, browsing the web...doing everything but what I'm supposed to be doing.

I was feeling anxious and jittery until a second ago but didn't know why. It wasn't the PMDD because it's not that time of the month yet. It can't be the coffee because it was just a cappuccino, and I only drank half of it... hours ago. 

There was no one sitting to my right, but someone was sitting to my left, and he seemed very stressed out.

His knee was going up and down in a furious motion that could rival the needle of an industrial sewing machine.

He was huffing and puffing, reading whatever he's furiously typing away at aloud.

He nervously ran his hand through his hair and breathed in and out intensely.

Shit. Is that how I look when I get like that? 


This went on for two good hours.

The moment he packed his things, stood up and walked away, I physically felt a wave of energy flush the tension in my chest and the knot in my stomach away.  Not a metaphoric wave but an actual physical sensation of release.

And so here I am trying to rationale the experience as nothing but a fluke but it's not like he was sitting right next to me. He was at another table at the opposite end of where I'm sitting. His energy caused so much nervousness in the air that I was absorbing it.

I'm shook right now. 

I know I'm an empath but shit I've never absorbed someones' energy like that.  And this is why I'm very much an introvert and selective with the people I spend most of my time with because that happens to me more often than I like and quite frankly have the energy for.

Now I'm just like...

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