Your Guide to Summer Solstice 2018 

Your Guide to Summer Solstice 2018 

Your Guide to Summer Solstice  on June 21st, 2018

The summer solstice is celebrated on June 21st, that marks the longest day and the shortest night of the year. It is the first day of the astronomical summer in the northern hemisphere and the first day of winter in southern hemisphere.  

Also known as the midsummer, the summer solstice has had a profound, spiritual importance in every culture around the world, since ancient times.  

In the sacred texts and traditions of the world, there is a reference to the spiritual ancestral worship of the sun. These references can be found in Egypt, in the beliefs of the Druids, Essenes, Mayans, and Incas, in the Christian esoteric texts, in the Eleusian mysteries of ancient Greece or in the esoteric schools of Mithraism, which originated in Persia but were secretly practiced in Rome, as well as and many other places around the world.  

The summer solstice is celebrated with parades, festivals, and even pagan rituals such as bonfires and maypole dances that have been passed on from generation to generation. Most often, the celebrations involve folk rituals to help young maidens find suitors or enhance their fertility. The summer solstice is a celebration of new beginnings, of fertility and youth, and of love; where the sun and the fire take central stage.  

However, most importantly, the summer solstice is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness in each and every one of us, and also a time to reflect on the awakening of this divine light within. Midsummer is the culmination of the personal journey towards the self, that we’re all on, and that is because the sunlight lingers the longest on the sky. In short, the summer solstice is the celebration of the triumph of light in the human consciousness against the darkness. 

How to Make the Most of The Summer Solstice

First of all, the summer solstice is a time where the heavens open up allowing for more light to break through, warm up the earth and all of its beings abundantly. These huge waves of photons that hit us alter the electromagnetic field of the planet, allowing for all beings to access higher existential realities. You are right, it’s the perfect time to raise your vibration! 

If you want to make the most of this magical moment, there are a few things you should keep in mind.  

Through simple practices such as meditation, prayer, showing gratitude and fasting, it’s easier to access your higher self on this day. Spending a day in the nature will allow you to channel the information that is essential in your life right now. 


Cleansing your body and mind on the summer solstice will help you soak up the light and manifest your visualizations faster. Practice self-loving thought now more than ever. This is the perfect time to ride the wave and get a head start on making all your dreams come true with gratitude and trust in what is.  

But most of all, enjoy every second and minute of this magical day, no matter where you are, who you are and what you do. 

By scattering its loving sunrays all over the planet, the sun gives us its vital and creative force, that allows us to re-create ourselves through infinity. The summer solstice is a reminder of the unity that defines everything in creation, the union between the sun and the moon that represents the sacred marriage of the spirit with the soul, between the conscious and the unconscious mind.  

Take a deep breath in and relax to the thought that you are part of this brilliantly orchestrated infinite creation. Happy summer solstice!   


Netwitch & Chill: POC's in leading roles. Enough said.

Netwitch & Chill: POC's in leading roles. Enough said.

WTF just happened?

WTF just happened?