'The Magicians' Review: Season 1, Ep 1: Is this like Narnia?

'The Magicians' Review: Season 1, Ep 1: Is this like Narnia?

The Magicians: Season 1, Ep 1: Unauthorized Magic
Alliances are forged and enemies are made when best friends Quentin and Julia take an entrance exam to Brakebills, a secret university for magicians.

The Magicians

Hey there bwitches, your TV-watching muggle here, ready to take you down reaction road with my latest Netflix binge, The Magicians. I had never heard of this show until browsing through the black hole that is Netflix, but the premise sounded good so I’ve decided to give it a go. Watch and react along with me as we explore this SyFy show.

Who’s they? Who’s we? Who’s he?
He came through a magic door, so he’s obviously a magician. And it seems like an ‘evil source’ is out there and it has to do with locus (or is that a moth? Locus sounds scarier).

Digging the music

A little MGMT thrown in there for ya. Diggin’ it.

Oh haaayyy, he’s cute

But wonder why he’s in a psychiatric hospital… But then flashback (or flash sideways for all you Lost fans). Cute guy at the party reminds me of myself at high school parties... not the whole staring at chick dancing thing, but sitting and being somewhat anti-social drinking something I shouldn’t be.

They just disappeared into a clock…

Is this like Narnia? No big deal, just entering a world of magic. Are these three siblings real or is just a book? Only future episodes will tell…

Love triangle?

Even if they don’t think so, I do. It’s only a matter of time. I’ve seen this movie before, guy knows girl before best friend does, they are secretly in love with each other and end up with each other after dating the friend.

Yup still cute

Cute, smart and a little wounded, I’ll take it.  

Ah it’s the clock!

And a dead man! This can’t be a coincidence, those siblings from the story have to be real.

I’ve seen this lady before

Or at least I recognize the voice. Is this EMT the same British chick from the beginning? How many British females could possibly be in this show?

See love triangle…

This girl has a soft spot for this guy. And it turns out they have been friends since high school and they have common hobby, magic. Yup, definitely seen this movie. Bonus, we finally got their names! Q, Julia and James, good to know.

Something is going down

Mysterious flying paper, a difficult elevator, yeah, now we are getting somewhere. Something is about to go down. And down it comes! Well that was interesting… he landed in a new realm and she landed in a shiny office? Yet they don’t seem to be too freaked out as to what is happening. Okay, I’m just following some random guy in a land that just magically appeared. But hey, at least he has sense enough to think he is hallucinating.

Sorry Jules, no magic for you

Why did she just cut herself…? Am I missing something here? And I know magic school is cool and all, we all want to go to Hogwarts. But for someone who goes to Yale, you believe in magic school pretty easily.

Poor Q

Wow his life sounds depressing… great words of encouragement dude. But hey, there goes his magic! From the movies I’ve seen, magic typically comes about in moments of anger or sadness, just like this one.

Jane Chatwin

How is he so calm? This girl is supposed to be fictional. Who is this beast? Wait is she real or is it just a dream? Or is it one of the magical dreams? So many questions!

The British lady!

She was the same! And man, that’s one killer breakfast Dean is eating.

This school sounds like fun, sign me up!

Magic class of 2018.

A new sex move?

Levitating sex? I bet that’s not in the Kamasutra. And damn, they got cozy real quick. .

Girl’s got a good memory

But seriously, how does she remember? They said she wouldn’t, she had magic done to her!

And this is why girls don’t go to the bathroom alone.

Oh shittt, what’s happening to Julia? The guy who she turned down at the bar turns out to be an (evil?) magician!

Okay so Q is smart

No playing with the Ouija board, we learned that from Charmed.

Roommate: Good or bad?

Well that was nice (and random) of mean roomie to come all the way out there to help out.

Oh, something is coming through the mirror

Creepy! Who is this who came out of the mirror with creepy fingers and circling locus, who killed the professor? And ripped out the dean’s eyeballs? Wtf?! Certainly, can’t be her brother! He’s British and he knows Q! Who could he be?? And what is Julia getting herself into??

I guess I need to keep watching to find out.

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