Your Guide to the May Full Moon in Sagittarius

Your Guide to the May Full Moon in Sagittarius

Your Guide to the May Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius full Moon on May 29th provides the kind of levity that we need. The full moon and Sagittarius has a need to experience. Sagittarius is competitive, but in a much friendlier way than Aries or Leo. Sagittarius is a true sportsman, and nothing need be cutthroat: The Sun in Gemini opposes the moon.

While this normally indicated a conflict for competition between the Sun and Moon, Gemini and Sagittarius soften it. They’re not the kind of signs that are competitive in the conventional sense. Sagittarius believes it’s all about how you play the game, and Gemini thinks it when it gathers all information possible and then shares it with everyone, being the center of it all. The conflict is actually intellectual. Gemini wants information; Sagittarius wants to experience. It wants to travel, adventure, and to explore all the corners of the Earth and all facets of the human experience.

This full Moon is about celebrating what you have learned based on your experience, finding meaning in it, and enjoying the bounty of being alive, and not just in body, but in mind as well. No matter what makes your heart heavy otherwise, have hope and be optimistic.

There’s also going to a Grand Trine in the Water signs with the planets Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune that adds an extra boost of happiness to the full Moon. This isn’t an energizing planetary alignment; at its simplest, it feels as if everything is okay, at least for now; with Saturn in Capricorn opposing Venus in Cancer, there’s always the reminder that there is work to be done, and none of us are truly free from adulthood and maturity.

Complicating that further is that Mars will conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius. On one hand, it helps us find a tremendous motivation to be like we once were. On the other hand, that could mean many different things to many different people. However, both Mars and the South Node are in progressive of Aquarius, leading most of us to look toward a past in which we believed we were more egalitarian, progressive, accepting, and future-minded.

What to do with this moon’s energy:

Full Moons are great times to commit or recommit. New things, however, shouldn’t be started until the new moon, if possible. These are also times to celebrate good fortune and the things that have come to pass. They can also be times to let go of things that aren’t working and strive to move on.

Aries: If you imagine it, you can have it. This is a time for reaching beyond your own neighborhood, experiences, and culture and opening your mind and arms up to new things. Love is aligned with righteousness.

Taurus: Consider your real talents and how you can apply them in the world. You have many ideas that could come to fruition, but you need feedback. Count your blessings if you have people in your life that will help you cultivate ideas.

Gemini: If you're waiting for your turn to shine, look no further than in the eyes of a friend. The more you champion the people closest to you, the better you feel about who you are and what you are.

Cancer: Celebrate the effort you’ve put in, even if it’s just you managing to get by. This is time to renew your commitment to improving yourself and the world around you. If you want better than this, continue to make it happen.

Leo: You may come to a conclusion about yourself and how you want to express yourself. This may be a very spiritual moon for you, expanding your imagination for what you could be and how you’ll get there.

Virgo: This full Moon gives you the strength of closure, to walk away from something you’ve held onto for a while that keeps you from being free. Look forward to freedom and possible personal and social reinvention.

Libra: If you’ve been working hard at putting yourself out there, whether, in school or professionally, you may reap the benefits soon. It could be recognition, or it could be finally being satisfied with yourself.

Scorpio: This full moon, embrace your true value, which is always changing and always widening. Consider self-improvement efforts you may start at the next new moon to become a more versatile and flexible individual.

Sagittarius: This is your moon. Drawdown her energy and seize it, letting it nourish you and fill you up with ideas. This is an excellent time to commit yourself to fully realizing your innate power to adapt.

Capricorn: Treat yourself gently today. This is a time of reflection and contemplation. Journaling, writing, and speaking candidly with loved ones can recharge your batteries and make you feel loved and accepted fully.

Aquarius: Aim high now and commit yourself to nothing less than your wildest dreams. Consider the talents and skills you have and what you would like to experience, not so much what seems realistic: every reality was once a dream.

Pisces: This is an excellent time for career moves and decisions. Does your career give you the freedom you need? If not, it’s time for a change. If so, celebrate your good fortune with someone you love.

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