Sexiest vamps of the 90s

Sexiest vamps of the 90s

God bless the 90s and the delicious vamps it produced. These vampires were complicated characters: beautiful but vicious; kind but soulless, and yet I loved them. Has there ever been a vampire movie to rival Bram Stoker's Dracula or Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire? Don't you dare say Twilight! And as much I love Underworld, it's just not on the same level.  

Here are my top sexy vampires of the 1990s.

Antonio Banderas as Armand (1994)

I'm going to start with my forever BAE, Antonio Banderas as Armand in Interview with a Vampire. You have to watch the movie to see how gorgeous he looks in the film. The grainy screenshots on the Internet don't do him justice. His long black hair draped over a crimson cloak is what Goth dreams are made of.  And those long, come-hither nails were to die for.  I wanted to be mad at him for what he did but I just couldn't. He's was the perfect amount of beautiful with a splash of vile - and I was all for it. Did you see him at Miami Fashion week? Swoons!

David Boreanaz as Angel (1997)

Before Edward Cullen and Stefan Salvatore, there was Angel: my favorite good vamp gone bad.  Oh, and what makes him go bad? The kitty. *insert eye roll* I mean really? That's what the writers thought was appropriate for a bunch of American teenagers to watch every night on the CW? SMH. I guess I shouldn't expect much from the era where this was the best they could do to deter kids from doing drugs. But back in the 90's I was game for all of Angels' stereotypical qualities: brooding, soft-hearted, strong, frat-boy heroics. I never missed an episode. EVER.

Wesley Snipes as Blade (1998)

Don't you dare roll your eyes! You know damn well Wesley was all kinds of fine when this movie first came out. Yes, the special effects look like trash now, but his contacts and too-legit-to-quit fade was the shit back in the day. Plus, when did you ever see a black man in a lead superhero-ish role? Nunca!

Gary Oldman as Count Dracula (1992)

I still think this is the scariest vampire movie ever. (Nosferatu aside. Obviously.) I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep for a whole month after seeing this movie. He was sexy, he was hideous, he was kind and villainous. Love always prevails, even for vamps.

Tom Cruise as Lestat (1994)

You might've expected me to pick Brad Pitt over Tom Cruise in this film, but we all know Brad Pitt is naturally gorgeous. He really didn't have to do much acting, because he was just perfection as Louie. Pero Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview with a Vampire is everything.  He's like the Tony Montana of 90s vampires. His hair, notorious revenge and antics were classic. And lest I forget (no pun intended) the unforgettable lines he had in the movie.  Like this one: 

"Evil is a point of view, God kills indiscriminately...and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are none so like ourselves."

What a charmer, eh?

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WTF just happened?

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