Intro to Palm Reading

Intro to Palm Reading

What is Palm Reading?

Merriam-webster dictionary defines Palmistry as, "the art or practice of reading a person's character or future from the lines on the palms." So a palm reading is done by analyzing the hands of a person and reading it back to them. The exact origins of palmistry are unknown, but many believe that it started it in Asian countries - specifically India. There are different parts of the hand to interpret: fingers, lines and even your knuckles! Palm reading is also an intuitive practice.

How can getting a  Palm Reading benefit me?

Getting a palm reading can be very beneficial because it can give you insight into your past and help you gain clarity on events that seemed muddy and confusing. It'a also another way to help make sense of what's currently going on in your life. If you are not feeling your job anymore, and get a tarot reading tarot and that reading suggests you eave your job and then you get your palms read and get the exact same reading....the signs are there. Of course, it's ultimately up to you to figure out what to do, but it's nice to have input for context. Astrology and other divination tools and methods offer similar help. 

Breaking down different hands

The conical hand- This hand has long fingers that are very intricate. It is also known as the psychic hand because the fingers seem to point to "spiritual truths."

The spatulate hand- This hand looks very similar to a spatula (hence the name). People with this hand are known to be open-minded and challenge others. 

The square hand- This hand resembles a square from the fingers to the wrists. People with this hand are known to be very logical.

The mixed hand- This hand is a mixture of the hands above. People with this type of hand are known to have a mix of personality types.

The three major lines

The love/ heart line- This line is at the top of your palm. It deals with your love life and relationships. The deeper the line is, the deeper your love is.

The head line- This line is below the love line and deals with the mental state of a person.

The lifeline- This line is below the head line and deals with the health and general well being of a person


The fate line - This line starts at the bottom of the wrist and moves up sometimes cutting into the major lines. This is believed to be the line that deals with one's destiny and events that will happen regardless of how they try to stop them. 

Breaking down Marks on the hand

  • Broken lines- unable to get things done or a shift
  • Islands- Losing somethings through a problem
  • Circles- predictions of fame or abundance
  • Branches- a branch that goes down is a sign of failing a branch that goes up is a sign of good luck
  • Forks - Making a decision based off of the major lines (life, heart, head)
  • Dots - an unexpected event
  • Chains - being held back by worry
  • Tassels -chaotic energy or stagnant ideas
  • Triangles - psychic potential
  • Stars - Great fame; legendary status
  • Crosses- issues may occur that hold you back
  • Grilles - stagnant and flowing energy depending on the path you take Squares- Inspiration to others

The names of each finger

Index finger - Jupiter

This finger deals with your leaderships skills. A long Jupiter finger has a love for inspiring others while a shorter finger tends to stray away from responsibilities. 

Middle finger- Saturn

This finger deals with your responsibilities this can be physical and spiritual.  A long Saturn finger can indicate a propensity to depression, and a shorter finger may reveal that you tend to avoid major issues.

Ring finger - Apollo

This finger deals with your happiness. A long Apollo finger is typically someone who craves fame, while a short finger is an introverted person. 

Fourth/Little finger - Mercury

This finger deals with your creative side. A long Mercury finger may be of a person who isn't afraid to capitalize other's talents while someone with a shorter finger may have issues with getting paid for their abilities. 


The thumb doesn't have a name but the top of your thumb is your logic, and the bottom is your will. Depending on how long each part is can show you what you have more of or if you're naturally balanced. 

Different types of fingers

Spatulate fingers - These fingers resemble a spatula and people with these types of fingers are very determined and have a lot of depth to their personality.

Conical Fingers - These types of fingers resemble cones, and people with these fingers are known to be very creative, and many people call them old souls. 

Pointed fingers - These fingers are pointy, and people with these types of fingers are generally into luxurious lifestyles and are very intuitive. 

Personal Experience

From experience of doing palm readings, I've recognized that the more you do it each line will be a conversation starter. As you move your hands around the person's palm, you can start to feel a pull towards certain marks, fingers, and lines. That intuitive knowledge helps you channel what you're reading in the lines to the querent. Still, this is a very intuitive practice and requires a lot of confidence in translating energy. 

Book: The Beginner's Guide to Divination: Learn the Secrets of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and Palm Reading--and Predict Your Future

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