Coping with Crystals: Which crystals help with stress and everyday life trials?

Coping with Crystals: Which crystals help with stress and everyday life trials?

Which are the most popular to help with everyday work/life trials

I.E. Stress at work, bill paying, not feeling well as a whole but not sure why

A major one for me would be feeling less than others because I’m not where I should be
— Keke, DIOSA podcast listener

Hi Keke baby! So there seems to be stress, uncertainty and some insecurity about work and where you are in life. These issues which at their core are issues of foundation and security are root chakra problems.

In order to understand stress, we need to break it down. Let’s use the stress at work as an example. Why are you stressed? Are you overwhelmed? Are you resentful of the work because it’s not paying enough? Is a co-worker stressing you out? Is the work laborious and causing you physical pain?

The first thing to do is the specific cause of your stress.

Good crystals to meditate with to help you pinpoint areas of stress are amethyst, carnelian and unakite.

According to The Crystal Finder by Philip Permutt:

Unakite: Good for overcoming self-imposed blocks, good for emotions, being in the present moment and accepting past experiences.

Amethyst: Magnifies the energy of other crystals, good for protection, emotional and mental balance.

Carnelian: Helps you feel better, improves memory, inspiration, speech and the voice. Good for someone looking for their voice.

When you combine these three crystals together with journaling you can help pinpoint the causes and triggers of stress.

When you are feeling stressed in any situation, at work or at home when you get a bill in the mail, stop what you are doing. If possible walk outside and take a deep breath. Then when you’ve calmed down, grab a journal and answer a few questions:

1. Why am I feeling this way? And write down every single thing you can think of that is causing you to react with stress. This is time for you to dig deep and pin-point things you might not be consciously aware of. For example if I opened up a bill and started stressing out about it I might write down

  1. I’m stressed because they have overcharged me. This bill is incorrect.

  2. OR...I just got a speeding ticket and that’s going to prevent me from paying this bill on time...which might result in my account being delinquent.

  3. OR...I’m trying to save money and now this bill is going to prevent me from meeting that goal.

OKAY so now I know what’s causing me to stress about this bill, right?

The next question I want you to answer is.

  1. What can I do to alleviate this feeling of stress and prevent it in the future?

If I know I’ve been overcharged, I can commit to putting aside time to call customer service and get this bill fixed. If you’re hot-headed, then meditate before you make that call and remember that the person on the other side of the phone is a human just like you. So be patient, kind and respectful. If they can’t help you, ask for a supervisor and keep going until someone helps resolve your issue. HELL if no one at that company can help, then file a complaint with your state’s attorney general or the Better Business Bureau. Be diligent. If all else fails and you HAVE to pay that bill. Make peace with it, pay it and adjust your budget accordingly. Move onward and upward. You cannot let that take your peace of mind away from you.

I hope that helps with the stress.

Now about not being where you think you should be just STOP right there. None of us are born with a set roadmap tattooed on our backs. But what we do live with every day is the expectations of others. And that’s where the root of the problem lies. You are receiving all these messages and judgment from family, community, corporations, society, and people in positions of power that are placing all their expectations on you. Ask yourself: Why am I comparing myself to someone else’s life, someone else’s story? The only constant in your life is YOU and no one else. If those people you are comparing yourself to were to be gone tomorrow, then what? What’s the only thing that remains? You, right? So then do you. All things will come to be in their own times, including the a-ha moment when you finally discover your life’s purpose. The beautiful thing about being human is that we don’t know what’s going to happen and we have to figure it out as we go along.

If you've tried all this and you're just looking for crystal healing then reach for a rose quartz palm stone to keep on you at all times. Pair that with a piece of green calcite to protect your heart and promote self-love and compassion.

Coping with crystals is a Q&A segment on the DIOSA podcast. This is not medical advice just sharing my experiences, research and thoughts on using crystals to heal and cope with life. You can submit your questions about crystal healing to
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