5 Crystals To Get You Through April Retrograde Madness

5 Crystals To Get You Through April Retrograde Madness



Hey honey...relax. The madness is going around here too.

Here's the breakdown of the retrograde fuckery that is currently occurring:

Planets in retrograde in April 2017

Mercury began its retrograde on March 9th but doesn't leave the Rx zone until May 20. Try not to commit to anything during this period as it could go hay-wire.

Venus began retrograding on March 4th, will be direct on April 15th and won't leave the Rx zone until May 18th. Keep close attention to your money and the people you love during this time. Foster those relationships but be prepare to lose both money and love if necessary.

Saturn began retrograding on April 5th and won't leave the Rx zone until December 1st. Focus on commitments you've made to yourself and others. Revisit goals you've set and re-strategize how you will accomplish them.

Uranus will enter the Rx zone on April 15th but won't begin retrograde until August 2nd. Focus on freeing yourself from whatever is holding you back.

Pluto will begin to retrograde on April 20th and will be there for a good 5 to 6 months. Reflect on change and transformation during this period. No immediate change is needed, sometimes you just need to accept what's happening and take it one day at a time.


Here are some crystals to get you through the storm until it passes.

1. Amethyst for a restful night
Is your mind going a mile a minute? Tossing and turning all night? Amethyst has your back. Amethyst is a great stone for a busy mind and restless nights. Keep by your bedside to help aide in your insomnia. If you're an Aries you're probably losing it right now and your mind is all over the place. AMETHYST is your friend. Trust me.

 2. Rose quartz for fostering love
Venus is plucking at your heart strings right now so you need to protect yourself from any heart-hijacking that may occur. Keep a piece of rose quartz on you at all times during this period. Gift a rose quartz crystal to someone you feel is having a hard time with love. It will remind them others do love them and thus start the cycle of cultivating love in their life.

3. Labradorite for transformation and change
Mercury is waiting for you to be impulsive and sign on the dotted line. You might want to think twice before you do that. If you are going through a major transformation in your life then try not to force that change, go with the flow. All is as it should and will be. Have faith.

4. Pyrite for keeping that money right
Are you feeling impulsive and reckless with your money? Check yourself, before it's all gone. Keep a small piece of pyrite in your purse or wallet until Venus retrograde has passed to keep you grounded and attract money into your wallet and not out of it. Need to protect the big $$$, leave some pyrite in that safe deposit box no one knows about. ;)

5. Smoky Quartz
Say bye bye to fear of failure with this grounding, protective and balancing crystal. Smoky Quartz can help ground your base chakra and relieve you of the anxiety that's getting in the way of you achieving your goals. Recharging and balancing your base chakra with this crystal will create the strong foundation you need to begin to free yourself from those inner demons. Prepare to free yourself!

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