15 simple love spells

15 simple love spells

Love is complicated; love spells don't have to be. You'll need sage or palo santo to clear your space and your energy. Light a red or white candle. You can write these on bay leaves and burn them, recite them in your mind, or speak into existence and release into the universe.


Letting Go

I release you. You are released.

No longer are we one. I unbind you from my spirit. It is done.

I release the hate and anger I harbor in my bones. There is no room for it now. I invite love to take its place. I bind this love to me.

New love/commitment/renewal

I promise to love you; all of you; the good and the bad. I bind my heart to your heart.

With this kiss, I bind you to me.

You love me. I say it is true. So may it be.

In the name of Venus, I bind [insert name] to me. 



My heart is full. My love unbounded. I love myself, through and through. I bind it so.

You swallowed me; all of me. Now, I rebirth my heart and shed your skin. Love is anew. I am new. So it is true.

I see you. I honor you. I cherish you. I love you. Venus, seal this love.


I call your soul to me. Grow in my heart. Grow in my womb. So may it be, I'll birth you soon.

Aphrodite, goddess of love, and Shiva, goddess of fertility, I call unto thee to bless me with child. Fuse us as one. Fill us with love. Though will shall be done.

My womb is full of energy. My sacral chakra unblock. I invite the light to birth my love. Bind it be.

I call upon you Pan, to fill him with virility and passion. Bind him to me. A family, we will be.


Goddess Tara, fill my heart with love. Fill my heart with empathy. Break me wide open to receive this love. By these lips, it is sealed.


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