Your Guide to Full Moon in Cancer - January 1, 2018

Your Guide to Full Moon in Cancer - January 1, 2018

Full Moon in Cancer, January 1, 2018

This full moon is the first of three amazing lunar and solar events we (on the east coast) will see in January. The January 1st Full Moon is the first full moon of the month, followed by a blue moon (and Supermoon) on January 30th and then a total lunar eclipse (blood moon) on January 31st.

This moon is feminine, cold, watery and known as the Wolf Moon. The moon rules Cancer so expect amplified emotions surrounding home life, tradition, and close relationships. The nurturer & protector in you may have you feeling possessive of the people you love; forcing a relationship that isn't right for you. On the bright side, cancers can be sensitive, imaginative, idealistic, maternal/paternal and home oriented. They make great listeners and people to talk to during a rough patch. The moon in Cancer can amplify obsessive behaviors, self-pity and sensitivity. Consider these as it relates to your subconscious, reactions, self-image, and self-worth.

There's a lot going on in the 5th house this full moon which can empower and in some cases embolden you to take a leap of faith into your creative pursuits or passions. There's planning, vanity, love, manipulation, hard work, confidence, drive and ego all bundled up under the sensitive and loyal Cancer sign.

I mentioned this in last month’s full moon guide, but the magick road map is still in effect and worth mentioning in case you’ve forgotten. Last December’s Super Moon was the start of a triple Super Moon cycle - Dec 3, 2017 (Gemini), Jan 1, 2018 (Cancer) and Jan 31, 2018 (Blue moon in Leo). And not to mention the January 31st total lunar eclipse. There's a hidden map in these three moons for those of you who are looking to create something new for yourself. For example, a Gemini moon is about (doing) meeting people, going out of your comfort zone. Then you move into a Cancer moon which is about (building) rapport with others, community and cultivating real and honest relationships. Then you end in a Leo moon which is about (showmanship), courage and putting yourself (or your project) out there into the world. 

Moon at 11° Cancer in the 5th house
The full moon forms at 11 degrees Cancer on January 1, 2018 at 9:23 PM (E.T). It is urging you to take charge of your creative pursuits. Embrace planning to organize your thoughts and take action towards your goals. This full moon will kick your determination into overdrive and encourage you to expand your network and make the necessary moves to be successful. This full moon also has recurring themes of control, obsession, relationship and creative roadblocks. 

Mercury (Rx) at 17° Sagittarius in the 4th house
Old habits learned in childhood clash with your ever-changing philosophy in life. Sagittarius energies are optimistic but figuring it all out may prove difficult under Mercury’s influence. Cancer rules the 4th house, providing a familiar comfort and sense of belonging in your search for security in life.

Venus at 8° Capricorn in the 5th house
Vanity and materialism are at play in areas related to children, creativity, and your passions. Beware of the urge to use others, including your children, to advance socially. The need for social acceptance is high and ingenuine.

Mars at 14° Scorpio in the 3rd house
Mars is pushing you to speak up, defend yourself, make your desires and plans known to everyone. This is not a time to sit back and let someone take credit for your hard work.

Jupiter at 16° Scorpio in 3rd house
Jupiter is encouraging growth and expansion in areas of social expectations and intellect. This energy encourages you to be in harmony with your voice: to network and meet new people. Be careful not to dominate or demean others in conversation. This is not the way you’ll reach your goals and will put off people you seek to grow with.

Saturn at 1° Capricorn in 5th house
Saturn moved in the sign of Capricorn on Dec 19th and will remain there until 2020. Saturn rules career, status, and effort. The next two years will test your ability to endure and achieve your career goals. Saturn is strict and Capricorn is orderly; these two are made for each other. Saturn will force you to face your obstacles in areas of creativity and child rearing (or production of your lifes work).  Capricorn will keep you on a focused path along the way. Feel your way through any creative roadblocks you may encounter.

Uranus (Rx) at 24° Aries in the 8th house
Aries is passionate and full of the force you need to release yourself from whatever is holding you back. Impulsive Aries may push you to invincibility and wrong decisions in business. Uranus is fueling the revolutionary in you, challenging old ways of thinking and being.

Neptune (Rx) at 11° Pisces in the 7th house
In Pisces, this is a recipe for romantic disaster. There’s a yearning for a perfect relationship to the point of self-sacrifice. Addiction to love may interfere with your opportunity to make meaningful connections with others.

Pluto at 18° Capricorn in the 5th house
There’s an intense and rigid need to express your creativity met with a determination to succeed. Capricorn energies are guiding you through creative blocks with efficiency and borderline obsession.

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