Your Guide to Full Moon in Pisces

Your Guide to Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon rises in 13 degrees Pisces September 6th, 2017 at 3:03 AM (E.T). This full moon is fruitful, watery and known as the "Chrysanthemum" or "Corn" Moon. 

Pisces is the unicorn of the zodiac, as its said to have characteristics of all 12 signs in one. Pisces signs can be very creative and imaginative but also unrealistic with an escapist mind-set. With the end of Mercury Retrograde right at the foot of this new moon, it's a great time to look at some behaviors and patterns you've had over the past 3 months and check yourself. Did your escapist nature lead to deception and irresponsibility? Or did your trusting and compassionate nature lead to others taking advantage of you? Think about it and take note. If you need more guidance in this area, search your birth chart for the house with Pisces on the cusp - here is where your creativity and imagination shine!

Answer the call to help
Pisces is the compassionate soul; the one who tends to give their all to anyone in need. You may find yourself drawn to participate in social justice, charity or volunteer work. If you're looking to donate to a charity check with the Better Business Bureau and Charity Navigator to make sure any company you're sending money or supplies to is legitimate. MORE WAYS TO HELP via NPR

Crystals for psychic energy: clear quartz, rose quartz, topaz, angelite

Tap into your psychic abilities
Pisces is an extremely intuitive and psychic sign, so use this Pisces Moon energy to dive deeper into those messages you might be receiving in the form of dreams, sounds, touch or movement. Your clair senses will be on fire the next three days, especially if you're a water sign. If you're ready for transformation use the energy of this full Moon to guide you towards your spiritual talents. Because the Moon conjucts Neptune, you're either going to grab at the opportunity or completely ignore it. There's no gray area when it comes to this.

Crystals for psychic energy: selenite, celestite, amethyst, apophyllite, kyanite

Be honest with yourself
This Pisces moon might throw you into a whirlwind of denial - because Pisces can have a hard time facing reality. Don't fall into the trap of spending money, drinking and partying too much to avoid a situation you need to address. Don't go around looking for the answer in all the wrong places. You already know what it is and ignoring it won't do you any good. On the flip-side with the moon square Saturn, so you may be tempted to join a group or go down a path of superficial spirituality as a way to get "right", again - by ignoring the real problem. Plant your feet in what you know feels most natural to you.

Crystals for honesty and transformation: labradorite, aquamarine, carnelian

Channel your emotions wisely
With a water sign comes high sensitivity and emotions that ebb and flow. You could experience extreme emotional polarity. Listen to your emotions, your body is telling you something. This sensitivity may heighten your clair senses, making you prone to be psychic and extremely receptive of energies. This is a good time to be observant and mindful of how you feel in a space (your home or office) or around certain people, as the message you've been waiting to receive could reveal itself.

Crystal to balance your emotions: pyrite, chalcedony, chrysocolla

Be responsible
The Moon sextile Pluto may act in your favor with Pluto giving you the energy to tame your compulsive behavior - especially with relationships, career and money. Try focusing on grounding yourself, your base chakra may be blocked. Check your birth chart for Pluto to give you more insight into how to address these areas.

Crystals for responsibility: black tourmaline, malachite, onyx, unakite

Full Moon Ritual

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DIOSA 002: Tha Dalai Mama

DIOSA 002: Tha Dalai Mama

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DIOSA 001: Francine Thirteen