D.I.Y Goddess Inspired Baths

D.I.Y Goddess Inspired Baths

Be Mindful

Before you get started, be mindful of how hot your bath water is - as some essential oils can become damaged and break down at temperatures in excess of 100 F. Also, do not use an essential oil without a base. You'll see that our goddess baths all have a base we recommend you mix your essential oil with (milk, honey, almond oil, etc). Essential oils are concentrated, so they pack a big punch, and should be used sparingly. Some essential oils can cause irritation of the skin. Be careful and make sure you're not allergic to any of these essential oils.

Also note that these are not religious rituals in themselves but just self-care practices inspired by the goddess/deities of mythology and religion. 

FIRST, clear your space.

  1. Fill an abalone shell with sand.
  2. Light and place a piece of hookah charcoal into the shell.
  3. Light a piece of Palo Santo* and place it on top of the charcoal for a slow consistent burn. *White sage can be substituted for Palo Santo.

If you want to repel all negativity, seal off the bathroom by taking the Palo Santo and trace the outlines of any windows, doors and openings in a clockwise motion.

SECOND, pick a goddess bath below.

Sweet waters of Ochún (Oshún)

Ochún (Oshún) : Oshún is one of the deities of the Yoruba-Lukumí pantheon. She is often referred to as the goddess of love, but really she is much more multi-faceted than that. She is the deity of love, beauty, sexuality, fertility, motherhood, womanhood, marriage, river waters, joy, gold and wealth. 

  • Mix 6 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil with milk and honey, then add to water
  • Sprinkle geranium flower petals into the tub
  • Place jasmine scented candle around the tub
  • Pair this bath with a glass of Moscato

Meditation: Hold a piece of tumbled rose quartz to your heart chakra, close your eyes and focus of thanking your healthy and able body, your big and open heart and your free and radiant spirit. "I am love. I love myself. My body is strong and able. I am all that I need, just as I am".

Erzulie waves of passion

Erzulie : Erzulie is one of the deities of the Vodou pantheon. She is said to manifest into three forms - Erzulie Freda (the maiden - young and beautiful), Erzulie Dantor (the aging mother - mature and wise), and Erzulie Ge Rouge (the angry crone). 

  • Mix 6 drops of patchouli essential oil with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and 1 cup of milk, then add to water
  • Place cinnamon scented candles around the tub
  • Sprinkle rose flower petals into the tub
  • Pair this bath with a glass of Champagne

Meditation: Hold a piece of tumbled topaz to your solar plexus chakra, close your eyes and focus of tapping into your light. Look to your internal compass for guidance and trust that you know what's best for yourself."I am beautiful, wise and full of passion. I know where I am going. My energy is balanced and never falters. I trust myself".


Purify me Tlazoltéotl

Tlazoltéotl (Ixcuina or Tlaelquani): She is the Aztec goddess who represents sexual impurity and sin. Just like Erzulie, she also manifest in various forms -  a carefree young temptress, a destructive goddess of gambling and uncertainty, a great goddess able to absorb human sin and a terrifying hag preying upon youths. 

  • Mix 6 drops of chamomile essential oil with your favorite bath salts (or purchase one that's infused with essential oils, like @apothecary_a 's Lavender Rose Tea Bath Salts )
  • Place lavender scented candles around the tub
  • Sprinkle Hibiscus flowers in the tub
  • Optional: 1 cup of sea salt available as an additional skin exfoliate
  • Pair this bath with a glass of red wine

Meditation: Hold a piece of tumbled garnet to your sacral chakra, close your eyes and focus of tapping into your fire and embracing your desires. "I have a healthy and vital sex life. I am not without fault but I am wise from lessons learned. I am filled with passion. I am cleansed of past traumas. I am renewed."


LASTLY, relax, breathe in the sweet aromas of essential oils and sip a little vino while you're at it. 

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