Your Guide to Full Moon in Capricorn

Your Guide to Full Moon in Capricorn

Are you feeling those Full Moon in Capricorn Vibes? It’s feminine, semi-fruitful, and earthy. The lunar energy from this full moon is guiding you to get your affairs in order. 

Take care of home

The Full Moon (for us on the east coast) will reach it’s peak at 17 degrees Capricorn at 12:06 AM E.T. Last month we experienced the you-better-make-a-decision Sagittarius moon and now we’re moving into the phase of putting things in order. Full Moon in Capricorn is all about structure, discipline and organization. This is the time to meditate on igniting the flame in your root chakra and create that strong foundation to manage things like your home, family and career. Active your heart chakra to give love and discipline to your children, set expectations on how the home should run and who is responsible for what. In your home life, prepare for the woman of the house to start laying down the law. In a metaphorical sense, if “you” are home, then it’s time to clean house spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Rid yourself of the things that no longer serve you and start taking care of you. Make that appointment with a therapist. There's no shame in taking care of your mental health.                                                                                                      

Get things done

If you’re looking for handouts, sit down - this moon’s energy does not have time for that - and neither does everyone else out there soaking up these vibes and getting shit done. Get your business in order and cross off important items on your list. Late on reporting your taxes? Please handle that. Job applications bookmarked but not submitted it? Don’t leave money on the table. House a mess? Setup a chore scheduled for everyone in the home. Live alone? Then tackle one room at a time. Relationship rocky? Open that throat chakra and communicate with your partner. Be assertive, trust yourself, speak on what you want and bind your purpose into existence.

Power of the Matriarch

The Full Moon is also known as the grandmother’s moon.Tap into the power of the Matriarch of your family. Place her photo on your altar and dedicate this full moon’s offerings to her love, dedication, wisdom, and strength. Let your ancestors guide you toward the goals you want to achieve. Pay them homage and watch your chakras power up. Rocky family relationships?Look to those powerful non-related women in your life who’ve given you advice and provided support for you on your journey. We are bound by love, not blood.

Don’t know where you come from? Go back in time, do research on who you are, where you come from (try and who the women were who came before you. We don’t need to connect to those immediate family members, sometimes our guiding angel is a great-great-great grandmother who’s looking over her tribe and sending you her light. 

Navigate based on your sign

Full moon in Capricorn is feminine, semi-fruitful and earthy. Earth signs and those ruled by planets with feminine energy will feel especially intuitive and receptive to the Moon’s energy. Saturn rules Capricorn and on a good day under its influence you will be disciplined, dutiful, and responsible. On a bad day, you lack faith, are defensive and consumed with negativity. Each sign will project this moon’s energy differently. Fire signs you are direct and confident. Earth signs are methodically and steady. Air signs are mindful but objective. Water signs are emotional and careful. Look and feel within first, you will know what to do.

Crystals for Capricorn Full Moon

Grounding you to earth (aragonite - deepens your connection to Gaia & smoky quartz - releases stress and raises vibrations during meditation)

Protection for you & your home (black tourmaline - protect from electromagnetic smog caused by electronic devices and repels negative energies, especially from people, obsidian - promotes self control, protection and release of negative thoughts).

Communicate with others effectively (kyanite - encourages speaking on one’s truth, chrysocolla - promotes healing with relationships at home, blue calcite - in sync communication with others)

Open your heart for loving kindness (rose quartz - invite more love and compassion, pink calcite - dissolves resistance,  green calcite - in working with children on communication)

Connect to your matriarch or divine feminine (black moonstone - channels the moons energy for your purpose, moonstone - for those who are highly sensitive or emotional, and lapis lazuli - to connect with your spirit guides).

Getting things done (Fluorite - perfect for disorganization, daily structure, and protecting against electromagnetic smog. If you’ll be working a lot on an electronic device to get things done, keep this crystal close by.)

If the energy from this moon is really intense for you and need help guiding it in the right direction - use malachite or labradorite. Malachite will help you with any transformation and change you are making, and clear up any anxieties and blockages that are getting in your way. Labradorite is another powerful stone for transformation - as it will protect your aura and prevent any energy leakage, banish fears and insecurities. 

Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Tools, Offerings & Totems 

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