Your Guide to 'Super' Moon in Gemini & Mercury Retrograde

Your Guide to 'Super' Moon in Gemini & Mercury Retrograde

The Full Moon rises at 11 degrees in Gemini December 3, 2017 at 10:46 AM (E.T). This full moon is masculine, dry, airy and known as the Full Cold Moon or Long Night's Moon. This moon is ruled by Mercury and is typically calling you to embrace change and follow intellectual pursuits BUT when you throw Mercury Rx into the mix, you should avoid that call. Literally.

Gemini is an Air sign and thus very talkative, anxious, emotional, smart, impatient and at times lonely. A Gemini is constantly looking for their other half & gifted in the written word. If you want to go on an adventure, call up your Gemini friend for some company. They’ll be the first to plan and ride along with you! Need a proofreader for your manuscript? Call up that Gemini. On the flip side, Gemini can become bored with your presence if you're not intellectually stimulating. The moon in Gemini can amplify obsessive behaviors, overthinking and co-dependency. Consider these as it relates to your subconscious, reactions, self-image, and self-worth.

But first, Retrograde Madness

We cannot discuss this Gemini Supermoon without acknowledging our bratty sister Miss Mercury Retrograde, who keeps getting us in trouble. The key is to remember that Mercury rules your thoughts, communication, and learning style. 

And of course, she brings along her squad - Uranus Rx & Neptune Rx to test our patience even more. Neptune rules your subconscious, spirituality, freedom from ego. Uranus rules your individuality, expression, & the groups you are in.

Mercury retrogrades from Dec 3 until the 22nd and leaves the Rx zone on Jan 18, 2018. Save your New Year's resolutions until after the 18th. Be mindful of what you say to people as Mercury Rx seems to really jam up the phone line and cause friction in communication.

Saturn began retrograding on April 5, 2017 and left the Rx zone on December 1, 2017. Stick to those commitments you made during its retrograde.

Uranus has been in Rx since August 3, 2017 and will soon approach its direct position, lingering a bit before it finally leaves Rx on April 19, 2018. Focus on freeing yourself from whatever is holding you back.

Neptune left its direct position in November and is making its journey out of the Rx zone which will occur on March 13, 2018. Stay true to your spirituality, peace and truth. Don't let anyone or any situation steer you away from these things.

Crystals for surviving Mercury Retrograde: amethyst, blue kyanite, malachite, pyrite, selenite & smoky quartz

A little sidenote: Mercury rules Gemini, so a Supermoon in Gemini + Mercury Rx is a true recipe for disaster for any Gemini. Gemini's might be feeling like their hearts are being crushed by an anvil. Be easy my friends. Do not retreat into yourself and stay open to being with family and friends.

Major Moon Magick

This year's only Super Moon is the start of a triple Super Moon cycle - Dec 3 (Gemini), Jan 1 (Cancer) and Jan 31 (Leo) & includes a rare Blue Moon (when two full moons occur in one month) in January. There's a hidden map in these three moons for those of you who are looking to create something new for yourself. For example, a Gemini moon is about (doing) meeting people, going out of your comfort zone. Then you move into a Cancer moon which is about (building) rapport with others, community and cultivating real and honest relationships. Then you end in a Leo moon which is about (showmanship), courage and putting yourself (or your project) out there into the world. Life coach who? Look to the moon for your game plan!

Crystals for networking, relationships & courage: lapis lazuli, rose quartz, tiger's eye, carnelian

Motor Mouth
This full moon might put your foot in your mouth. Gemini's are known to be pretty chatty people but throw Mercury Retrograde starting on the same day and POW, you're knocked down. Excessive communication as it relates to your subconscious and self-worth may translate into your ego incessantly critiquing you for every little thing. Meet someone knew? Your ego might say you made a bad impression or said something stupid, and you will continue to hear that little inner critic over and over. Tune it out! Play your favorite tunes, put on your favorite dress, do your favorite things. No one will say anything meaner to you than what your ego will. Your ego is fear. Nothing more. Leave fear where it belongs; nowhere in your life. 

Crystals for battling fear and ego: tiger's eye, orange calcite, malachite, banded onyx, agate

New Year, Sit Down
This may sound seriously contradictive but Mercury Retrograde will still be in effect going  into the new year and be direct in 28 degrees Sagittarius on January 8, 2017 at 4:43 a.m. Because Mercury Rx is tearing at our communicative intelligence you might find it hard to eloquently express yourself and say the things you mean & mean the things you say. You may want to skip New Year's Resolutions, especially when alcohol is involved. You may bring 2017's demons right along with you into 2018. Because this isn't what is traditionally advised in the spirit of New Year, New might have a hard time accepting this. Resolve not to resolve and just be. Being silent does a body and mind a lot of good.

Crystals for mindfulness, silence, and communication: apophyllite, quartz, smoky quartz, blue kyanite, turquoise, amethyst

Stay grounded
On Dec 3rd the Sun is in Sagittarius, square Neptune in Pisces. Sagittarius is the archer, inquisitive and a purposeful traveler. There is much to learn from this very likeable sign. When the Sun is in Sagittarius, our ego is encouraged to be more authentic and in sync with our subconscious (but currently very emotional Gemini moon).  The Sun in Sagittarius (less amplified and emotionally intelligent ego) is square (added stress) Neptune (heightened intuition, visual arts + compassion) in Pisces (selfless, psychic and extremely empathetic). This is like that part in the hero's tale, where the hero is in major conflict with her gift. She is emotionally stressed, but also giving too much of herself without drawing any boundaries. We're all rooting for the hero, but the hero's judgment is being clouded by her emotions. This may be an EXTREMELY stressful day for people especially those already emotionally sensitive. STAY GROUNDED & PROTECT YOUR HEART.

Crystals for emotional healing, grounding and protection: halite, green calcite, pyrite, shungite, jasper

Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Tools, Offerings & Totems 

DIOSA 003: Aba Gyepi-Garbrah

DIOSA 003: Aba Gyepi-Garbrah

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