How to cope post-Thanksgiving

How to cope post-Thanksgiving

Wendy Williams Exhausted

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now what?

I for one, am EXHAUSTED!

Exhausted from cognitive dissonance after going to a Thanksgiving dinner even though I know this holiday is a sham. 

Exhausted from doing what I'm supposed to do, and not what is the right thing to do.

Exhausted from over stimulation and draining of my energy.

If you're feeling the Post-Thanksgiving blues, here are some things you can do to cope and work through those feelings.


For those of you, like me, who detest the terrible narrative and outright fabrication of history attached to Thanksgiving you probably need an outlet.  So write. Write down how you feel and get it off your chest. Write to your local and state officials and demand that they correct the historical inaccuracies attached to this holiday and show some respect for the original people of this land, for our history as a nation. And it's not impossible. We respectfully honor and remember the Holocaust, Civil Rights Movement and Veteran's Day. So what's so hard about honoring and remembering the native people of our country? I think, at bare minimum, we owe them that. 

Some reading for perspective...

6 Thanksgiving Myths and the Wampanoag Side of the Story

Everyone’s history matters: The Wampanoag Indian Thanksgiving story deserves to be known

LA Times Op-Ed Thanksgiving is a tradition. It's also a lie


Alright, now that you've got that off your chest...



Run some warm water, pour some bath salts, essential oils, put on some binal beats and re-la-ja-te. Need inspiration?

Try one of our Goddess baths.




Grab your favorite crystal at the moment because you know crystals are seasonal, they come and go. I'll touch on that in another post. Right now I've been using a beautiful chunky piece of Halite that's cool to the touch, baby pink and so relaxing to look at. I light some incense, lay on my bed and place it right in the middle of my chest. So relaxing. Some other relaxing crystals are amethyst, larimer, green calcite and celestite.


If you have been drained to the bone, then reach for Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Jasper or Citrine to help you going.If you gave a lot of your energy away, place a large piece of quartz out under the moon overnight. Carry with you for the next week to attract energy to you. Combine with black tourmaline to avoid attracting negative energy.



Detox honey. And I don't mean going on a lemon and cayenne pepper liquid only diet for 2 weeks, ala Beyonce. For some people, Thanksgiving is their one day to cheat and go ham. Literally. If that's you, your body is probably hating you right now. Lighten up and drink a lot of water and some green tea for the next couple of days. Maybe drink a protein smoothie for breakfast and a soup and quinoa salad for lunch. Give your stomach a break and some breathing room.



And last but definitely not least and pretty much my favorite advice to hand out - is to disconnect. Turn off your phone, then throw it in a dresser and forget about it for a few hours. If you have the willpower, try a full day. You'll be surprised how much freer you'll feel while you're disconnected. When's the last time you looked up at the sky and not down to your phone? Mmm hmmm. 



Sleep it off. Seems obvious enough right? I mean what bruja can tap, harness and direct her magick on 3 hours of sleep? Not I!  I think we can all agree with Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School:

"Sleep is vital for learning and memory, and lack of sleep impacts our health, safety, and longevity. 



Why not? Why continue to support a lie? Why ignore the slaughter of our brothers and sisters? If we as a nation won't acknowledge the tragedy that occurred, trash this holiday and replace it with an Indigenous People's Remembrance Day. Until then I don't want any part of it.

With love,


P.S. - Please join our Giving Tuesday Fundraiser for Native American Rights Fund.

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